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City Survivor


This survival game has a setting tens of years later when zombies have emerged and have killed human to nearly extinction. You have been escaping for weeks and finally you are caught by zombies.

Note: This is a room-scale VR game.


Shoot and reload as you will. Press trigger to shoot, squeeze grip button to equip and unequip weapon, press Trackpod down to unload magazine.

Current Features:

- Realistic weapon mechanics, pull the Slide to load a bullet to the chamber, use your another wand to reload magazine.

- Commodities shopping after each wave.

- 8 waves.

Future Features: (Ordered by priority)

1. Improved shopping mechanics.

2. Save and load game.

3. Improved UI + BGM

4. More weapons.

5. Wave balancing.

6. Endless wave.

Change Log:


- New: Magazine Shopping machanics.

- Fix: Wave number not cleaned after restart.

- Fix: Game Machanic fix 1

- Fix: Skip waiting button added back.

- Fix: Shop improved


- 3D main menu.

- Zombie hit voice added.


- Changed player head height, more convenient to grab guns.

- HUD now fit well in VR.

- HUD Collider bug fixed.


- game published.

Install instructions

Simply download and unzip and run :)


ctySvr_0.3.2.zip 159 MB